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Unexcused absence, being late or not at last practice will result in NO to LITTLE play time


Where the 15s Tournament is listed we will be taking 2-4 14s girls along to play will be determined at practices and by coaches will try and have up by Wed of the week. IF you can't play in any of these please let Jan know!

14s Tournaments:



Feb. 19th & 20th - NCR (Rochester) - 21st

15s - March 6th - NYA - Norwood Young America

15s - March 13th - Pipestone (Amy, Mariah Gone)

15s - March 27th - JCC

April 2nd - Luverne

April 9th - Top Spin - Fairfax (Megan Gone)

April 16th Redwood (Prom is this day but will be back in plenty of time for 8pm grand march) (Amy Gone, McKensie Gone unless needed)

15s - April 17th - Redwood Falls (Amy Gone)

April 30th - NCR Marshall