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Southwest Fusion Junior Olympic Volleyball was formed in 2015 - the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. By combining two local programs (Blaze which was formed in 2007 and Sonic which was formed in 2013) this is a developmental program for young athletes. It is designed to improve volleyball skills through participation in structured  practices and tournaments.


The athletes are members of USA Volleyball, and follow North Country Region's & MSHSL rules and regulations.


This program exists for the benefit of those who wish to increase their skills in the sport of volleyball; and to promote interest in the sport at the local level. We believe our program provides the opportunity for players to improve their skills and develop new friendships, all while having FUN!


Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the Southwest Fusion Junior Olympic Volleyball Program, please feel free to contact:

We are looking for a couple more board members if you are interested send an email or talk with one of the board members.


Jan Schwanke - 507-227-7387 (Cell) or 507-723-4120 (Work)

Vicky Krueger - 507-227-2833


Board Members

Melonie Heiling – 507-227-2716

Heather Rogotzke – 507-227-7521

Stacey Weisensel – 507-227-4138