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You are required to be at practice 15 minutes before start dressed and ready to go, help set up the net/s and stretch.


ONLY excused absence is school sports & school related activities.


Expect NO to LITTLE PLAY TIME AT NEXT TOURNAMENT for any unexcused absence or if you are sick and not able to attend practice.

Anyone who was not at school will not be allowed to attend practice, call your coach and let them know you won't be there. If you didn't go to your after school sports practice DON'T come to JO practice either. If you are too sick to participate in practice DON'T come, stay home & get better!! Let your coach know if you won't be at practice! Anyone late for practice must be prepared for the consequences from the coach

All dates and times are subject to change

If you are still playing basketball you are expected to come to practice. Serving and passing a ball will not hurt you, these are the same moves used for shooting and passing a basketball too. If you have issues with this please contact one of the board members.

Schedule coming.

Practice Policy


Practices are big part of our success in volleyball.  Blaze policy is that you will attend all practices unless you are ill and have missed school or if you have a sport or school activity. Let your coach know if you won't be at practice or if you will be late, what the reason is and expected time of return.

If you are at a sport or school function let your coach know you will be late, the reason and text when you are finished and expected time you will be there. With the few practices we have you are expected to come to practice when you are done even a half hour of practice is better than nothing.

If you miss a practice you can expect no to little play time in the next tournament - no exceptions.  Practice attendance will be kept!  DO NOT call your coach the day of a practice and tell them that you can't make it because you have to work. You know your schedules well in advance and that will be considered an unexcused practice. It is unfair to the rest of your team who are there.


DO NOT send word with a friend that you will not be at practice, or that you will be late that will be unexcused as well. You all have your coaches cell phone number, that will be the best way to contact them.